After Inter MPC Which Course is Better in 2022

By | January 17, 2022

After Inter MPC Which Course is Better in 2022

Hey, Today We Talked About After Inter MPC Which Course is Better in 2022. Completing your 12th in math, physics, and chemistry (MPC) as core subjects gives you many options for your future. There are many activities you can pursue after 12 years to earn a living.

Most students are confused about career options after the 12th MPC, and they go in the wrong direction. So, here is a detailed guide related to post-12 studies if you have mathematics, physics, and chemistry level 12. These courses are very popular among students and can help you do a profitable, long-term, and highly paid job.

Best Courses After 12th MPC

What’s next? This simple question, “two words” can be great for every student. And if you are not clear about it, your life can be completely ruined. Many students suffer from the common misconception that students who prefer biology instead of math are more likely to be successful. But, PCM courses are also of great value and are known for doing amazing work! Let’s take a look at some of the leading courses behind MPC intermediate courses.


Engineering is undoubtedly the most popular broadcast for students opting for PCM in the 11th grade. Most students even decide in advance that they will have to do some engineering after the 12th. To get a good engineering job, you may need to offer entrance exams at the national / regional / university level.

There are a variety of engineering skills, and bachelor’s degree courses take four to five years to complete. Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you can choose to graduate or apply for a well-known company job.

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degrees

BMS is one of the leading courses behind the 12th MPC without engineering. The course invites students from all walks of life, including business and the arts. Graduation course is about management in the business industry.

Many students from the science field also choose BMS, especially those who like to do administrative work. The best thing about choosing a BMS as a science student is that you can have a good career in information technology or other science-based companies. The course also helps you learn about accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.

Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA is one of the best-known career options for 12 graduates with PCM. In this tutorial, you are familiar with the various features of computer languages, use them in designing apps and software, etc. Most BCA graduates earn decent salaries in the IT industry.

And many students even prefer to pursue their studies to earn an MCA degree. The scope of good work widens after the MCA. So, if you have a particular interest in computers, BCA is one of the best career options after 12th MPC.

Merchant Navy Courses

The merchant navy is another industry with great potential. And a few degree courses can help you get a well-respected job in the industry. Other popular courses such as ship maintenance, marine engineering, and marine science, etc. they are more than enough to get a decent job in the merchant navy. If you want to explore new things with more adventure, you should choose from a variety of navy merchant courses.


B. Sc. agriculture is one of the most popular after the MPC agricultural studies in the middle. The 4-year course focuses on agricultural practice and research, focusing on relevant subjects including plant genetics and breeding, soil science, agricultural agrobiology, and planning technologies, etc. The primary purpose of this course is to train students to apply modern agricultural techniques in real-world farming.

After graduating in agriculture, you can explore a variety of careers such as agricultural officer, horticulture, agronomist, and seed specialist, etc. All of these job profiles are known for their high earnings. And you have the option to continue your studies and earn a master’s degree!

Financial Markets

Since math has been one of the most important lessons for your 12, you should feel free to play the number game! And there is no reason why you should not be able to make full use of this power by making more money. You can check out various finance courses like a bachelor in commerce.

In addition to numbers, you will learn many other things, including trading stocks, financial instruments, commodities, foreign exchange, etc. And if you can get a few more certifications, you can choose to be a financial advisor, broker, or analyst. . The scope of earning a living in this field is endless!


If you are looking for courses behind the central MPC outside EAMCET, you can apply for a degree course in animation. Gone are the days when animation was all about certification courses.

Now, many prestigious institutions and universities offer professional animated courses. India is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest cartoons, and the future looks very bright! Therefore, if you would like to design, art, and computers, a degree in animation should be considered.
Other lessons

Best Degree Studies after 12th MPC to Get a Job:

1. B.E / B.Tech after 12th MPC:

You just have to go to one of these entry exams- IIT / JEE / BITSAT / VITEEE / EAMCET. With your eligibility in the entrance test, you can get access to the Govt. colleges. In addition, there are thousands of private colleges across the country. If you get a 50% mark in your 12th level from a science stream, you are eligible to attend a few entrance exams.

Job Scope for B.E/B.Tech :

The most common jobs are offered in Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering. You will be able to get govt. work too. There are certain non-traditional services offered by the Copyright Attorney, Commercial Engineering, Industrial Construction Companies. You can do other tasks that you may have from Computer Hardware Engineering, Materials Engineering, Environment Engineering, etc.

2. Degree of Architecture After MPC 12th:

The Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year course that you can choose to pursue after your 12th level. If you are an MPC you can also study for this degree. This is one of the leading courses behind the 12th MPC without engineering.

You can get admission to this job through JEE entry exams (page 2) or NATA. After qualifying for eligibility you can take admission to several colleges across the country.

Job Scope for B.Arch :

There are many scopes after completing the B.Arch. and the revenue offered by this trade is good enough. You just need good technical skills, communication skills, intelligence, team spirit to get the job done. You can work as an Architect, Data Analyst, Internal Designer, Technical Assistant, Construction Contractor, etc.

3. BCA After 12th MPC:

The BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. This is an IT and software field. If you like working on a computer you can choose this 3 year course after your 12th grade. If you have achieved at least 50% out of 12 you are eligible for this course.

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Computer Application, you must go to a college entrance exam of your choice. Some colleges give you a direct admission for your level 12.

Job Scope for BCA :

This is a very demanding and trending course. IT and Software companies employ thousands of newcomers every day. You can work as a Web Engineer, Web Designer, Software Explorer, Software Developer, Computer Designer, etc. with a few IT & Software companies.

Initial income is very low but with time and knowledge you can save up to 2L per month.

NDA courses:

There are NDA courses available to choose from. These are the best high-income courses after the 12th MPC.

1. Commercial Pilot Training :

Basically, Commerce Pilot Training is a 2 year course. Some colleges offer this course for 1.5 years and others offer 3-year courses.

There are certain requirements for conducting this study. You must pass 12th science in Physics, Mathematics, English and 55% aggregate. Your age should be between 18 and 32 years. You should have 6/6 vision outside or with mirrors and no color blindness.

To gain admission to this trading profession you must cancel a written entrance exam at the college of your choice. After qualifying for the written examination you must pass an interview with class 1, medical examination 2.

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Job Scope for Pilot Training :

These Courses After Twelve MPCs When you have completed this course it means a Commercial Pilot Training License in your pocket. The process of activities from this work is done through dialogue. The level of your training will determine your job as a pilot.

2. Merchant Navy:

The Merchant Navy is another NDA phase of the study. This course lasts 1-4 years, depending on the colleges. All your work is related to shipping / export. If you want to do this lesson you have to stay away from your family.

If you want to enter this profession your age limit must be 17 to 28 years. You must not be married.

Job Scope for Merchant Navy :

The main function of this trade is to import and export by ship. This Merchant Navy study has 3 phases. You can work in the Deck department, the main task from this section is to take care of ship approval. Second, the Engine door, the main function of this unit is about the Engine. Thirdly, the Catering department, in this department you have to take care of the food and cook.

3. Aircraft Maintenance :

From the title, you can guess what the lesson is about. Yes, in this course you will learn how to take care of an airplane. This study is related to Aviation Industry. This is a 3 year diploma course you can attend after day 12 of PCM. You just have to cancel a college entrance exam of your choice.

This study is about the development of aircraft and spacecraft and their testing. Aircraft Design and Maintenance. This is a great topic.

Job Scope for Aircraft Maintenance :

Once you have completed this course you do not know where to work. Your mission will include Military Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Satellite departments. The payoff for this type of work is very high. You can easily earn 6-digit incomes.

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