How to Become BDO Officer 2022: Eligibility | Salary | Scope

By | January 17, 2022

How to Become BDO Officer 2022: Eligibility | Salary | Scope

Who wouldn’t want to join government services with that and the Chief’s rank? Government work is popular among candidates for a variety of reasons. Not only does it offer you a decent job, a place to work or a decent wage but, more importantly, it offers job security that is not available in other private industries. One such government function we will discuss today is that of the BDO or Block Development officer.

The position of BDO or Block Development Officer is a well-known government position in all Indian states. Gaining a BDO job is highly competitive, and one needs to clear the test set and other process of similar selection.

As the opening of the BDO position jobs will be published soon, we have tried to gather all the important information for our readers. Within this article, you will find answers to a variety of questions, including, What is a BDO official? How can you become a BDO official? BDO degrees, eligibility, syllabus, salary and much more.

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How to Become BDO Officer 2022

To become a BDO (Block development officer), candidates must evaluate entry exams and specific voting procedures. Those who wish to cancel all required procedures are then appointed as the Block Development Officer in the appropriate area. Before we discuss How to Become a BDO Officer? Let’s first learn about Who / What is a BDO Officer?

What is a BDO Officer?

The BDO or Block Development Officer is the chief executive officer in charge of a particular block. A block (administrative division) is a sub-district that is usually organized and developed in a particular area. The administrative structure of India is further subdivided as follows:

Government of India -> Regional Government (s) -> Division -> District -> Block.

The Block Development Officer plays a very important role within the block and oversees the planning and implementation of all blockchain development. He is the chief executive of the government’s operational unit in both growth and management.

For example, the construction of roads, bridges, or certification of any project within a restricted area must first go under the approval process within the Block Development Officer. These projects cover most of the work done for the betterment of the community.

Eligibility Criteria of BDO Officer

Candidates who are looking forward to applying for the position of Block Development Officer must meet certain eligibility criteria.

  • School Education: 12th grade for any broadcast (Science, Commerce, Arts / Humanities) from any well-known Indian boards.
  • Graduation from any recognized university / institution in India. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in BA, B.COM, B.Sc., B. Tech, BBA, BCA, BE, and any other student degree program can apply for the position of Block Development Officer.
  • The Master’s degree is optional and will be accepted at any government-certified program within a recognized university / institution in India.

Age limit for BDO Officer

Students who want to apply for a BDO job must meet a minimum age of 21 years. The age limit for the same age is 32 (for the normal category), and breaks are given for certain categories, including:

  • 35 years of overtime limit (3 years break) for OBC (Another Backward Class)
  • 37 years extra limit (5 year break) for SC / ST (Planned Casts and Planned Posts)
  • People with Physical Disabilities – 42 years maximum (10 years rest)


  • Citizens of India.
  • Citizens of Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Refugees arriving in India before January 1962 and not included in the permanent Indian residency list.

Entrance examination of BDO Officer

Candidates must review the Public Service Commission examination by the State government. The evaluation of the PSC in India is a mandatory requirement for recruitment, transfer, and disciplinary action against the Indian Government of India. It serves as an entry point for desirable resources in state administration.

The Public Service Commission exams are very competitive, and their pattern is very similar to the UPSC test. Every Public Service Commission has its own dedicated website, syllabus and state-of-the-art examination system.
The State Public Service Commission examinations are conducted in three phases:

1. PSC Initial Examination:

The PSC Preliminary Examination consists of two papers – General Studies and Civil Aptitude Examination.

General Studies

  • Total Questions – 100 questions with 2 marks each
  • Time – 2 hours

Civil Aptitude Test

  • Total Questions – 80 questions with 2.5 marks each
  • Time – 2 hours

Both papers carry 200 marks each.

1. PSC Main Examination:

The PSC’s comprehensive review consists of 8 pages, including-

Any Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil etc. Language (up to 12th Standard)

  • Time – 3 hours
  • Total Points-100


  • Time – 3 hours
  • Total marks – 100

General Studies 1 (Geography, History, Society)

  • Time – 3 hours
  • Total marks – 250

General Studies 2 (Governance and International Relations, Constitution of India and Political Science)

  • Time – 3 hours
  • Total Points- 250

General Studies 3 (Economics, Statistics, and Security)

  • Time – 3 hours
  • Total marks – 250

General Studies 4 (Science and Technology, Environment, Problem Solving, and Decision Making)

  • Time – 3 hours
  • Total marks – 250

Optional Topic- Page 1

  • Time – 3 hours

Optional Topic- Page 2

  • Time – 3 hours

Your choice of subjects includes the following categories-

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry and Animal Service
  • Plant science
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Commerce and Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • English texts
  • Geography
  • Hindi books
  • History of Indians
  • The law
  • Statistics
  • mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Punjabi texts
  • Social science
  • Sanskrit Literature
  • Animal science

From the following list, candidates should select two subjects of their choice and provide two consecutive papers.

First Check marks are calculated on the final result; however, students must obtain at least 33% to write the principal examination.
In addition, after the Main test, the selected people are selected on the basis of merit list and are terminated. Nominees are also eligible to sit for the Interview / Personality exam.

2. PSC Personality Test / Interview

The PSC interview has 150 marks, and the candidates are asked random and challenging questions. Candidates who abolished the Negotiation round were eventually elected to the position of Block Development Officer (BDO) and sent to the blocks in their respective provinces.

BDO Syllabus (Block Development Officer).

The PSC test syllabus instead of being a Block Development Officer is provided below:

PSC Preliminary Test Syllabus:

  • Everyday Science

Syllabus– States of Matter, Energy, Light Sound Communications and Technology Public Health, Life on Earth Force

  • Natural Sciences

Syllabus– Atmosphere Soil Water-Earth Solar System Climate change

  • Indian Politics

Syllabus – Basic Amendment Selection Process and Panchayati Raj Transformation

  • Political Science

Syllabus- Basic and international politics

  • History of Indians

Syllabus – From Indus Valley Civilization to National Movements of 1857-1947 (6th grade to 10th grade)

  • Indian economy, geography and history of the State

Syllabus – All about the State and economy of India.

  • Learning Comprehension

Syllabus – Understanding Punjabi and English, synonyms and acronyms, basic grammar and sentence structure and structure

  • Reasonable Reasoning

Syllabus- Analytical and psychological ability

  • Basic Mathematical Skills

Syllabus – Numbers, sizes, percentages and numerical skills

  • Skills

Syllabus- Communication skills

  • Data Analysis

Syllabus – Graphs, charts, tables, and spreadsheet representations

PSC main Exam syllabus

Language and Essay (Page 1 and page 2)
Syllabus – Accurate Writing, Understanding Excerpts, Essay, Use and Vocabulary, Common Grammar / Composition

A specific topic during the course selection will be provided. Learners should write the story within the word limit.

General Studies (Pages 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Syllabus: All question papers are divided into 2 sections, and both sections are compulsory.

  • Indian Geography which incorporates social, physical and economic geography.
  • Indian politics, including the Indian constitution, is an Indian political system
    Current National Issues and Social Justice including human rights, corruption, conservation, national values, democracy and labor issues, adult literacy
  • India and the world which includes internal-external security and relations between India and the world in areas such as foreign affairs, the Indian economy including the WTO, Indian and foreign trade and the development of the Indian economy.
  • International News includes current world news and international institutions.
  • Advances in Science-related fields including science and technology development, communications, computer (basic) and space

Mathematics that includes mathematical questions, diagrams and diagrams
Optional Paper Syllabus depends entirely on the subjects the candidate has chosen. However, the following topic combinations are not allowed to be selected together:

  • Animal Agriculture and Animal Service.
  • Hindi texts, English books, Sanskrit books and Punjabi texts
  • Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.
  • Political science and international relations

BDO (Block Development Officer) Role and responsibilities

Working for the position of senior official in the Indian Regional Government brings many roles and responsibilities as well. The responsibilities of the Block Development Officer are set out below:

  • Implementing programs and programs approved by government authorities.
  • Visiting the village council (panchayat Samiti) and other important meetings organized within the area.
  • Visiting community service plans within the block and ensuring completion on time and guidelines provided.
  • Monitor the storage and distribution of agricultural assets.
  • Distribution of Panchayat Samiti funds as required.
  • Discover and improve the irregularities associated with Panchayat Samiti finances.
  • Prepare progress report, annual budget and other reports and share them with the local council, district council and district government.

What is The Salary of BDO Officer (Block Development Officer)

Block Development Officers are the head of the rural development community and thus are responsible for the level of blockchain staff, tax process, and other records management.

Block Development officials are employed in various provinces of India, and the level of leadership depends on the Government and the region in which they are elected. Currently, on the basis of the 7th PayScale, BDOs, while joining, earn a large amount of Rs. 9300 / – to Rs. 34800 / and Rs. 4800 / – as a Pay Pay (from 2020).
As their service time increases, so does their monthly salary and other benefits. Like many other government officials, Block Development Officers also serve in the service until the age of 60. After retiring from the job, they are eligible for a monthly pension (according to the pension policy).

How to Apply for the Post of Block Development Officer (BDO)?

To apply for a Block Development Officer job, candidates must follow the procedure given below:

Beneficiaries who look forward to applying for the position of Block development officer in their respective provinces should carefully consider the hiring notice issued under the State government.

  • First, visit the official website of the Public Service Commission (for your State), download the hiring notice and pass it.
  • Now, if you meet all the required eligibility criteria, then navigate to the official website and then fill out your application form to sign up for the entrance exam. (You will need to upload your photo with the size of a color passport, digital signature, marking sheet / certificate 10, 12, and Bachelor degrees).
  • In addition, pay the test fee and submit the application. Be sure to keep a record of yourself for further reference.
  • Once the test date has expired, you can download your admission / hall card with the help of registration number. Entry card / Hall card is mandatory before you enter the test hall.

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Being appointed as a Block Development Officer (BDO) is not an easy task, and one needs to work very hard and dedicated to that. Although eligibility and conditions of education are still basic, the evaluation of the State Government Commission is very difficult.

After you go through all the information mentioned in the article above, be sure to start preparing hard from today onwards. Various textbooks and textbooks are available online and offline that will help you better prepare for the SPSC exam and continue your work as a Block Development Officer.

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