How to Become DSP 2022: Eligibility | Salary | Scope

By | January 17, 2022

How to Become DSP 2022: Eligibility | Salary | Scope

There are many career options available after passing 12th grade. Here in this article, I share with you details on how to become a DSP After passing 12th grade. We will know the complete eligibility criteria required to apply for this position and its complete selection process. After all this, we will also achieve the level of employment and job growth in the sector etc. Let’s see the full details below.

Well, the DSP is a well-known position in the Indian Police Department. Joining the Police Department is just a necessity to pass section 12 on any broadcast. Where a person can apply after passing 12th grade such as Constable, Clerk, Technician & Driver and others etc. However, here we will find out about How to Become a Deputy Superintendent of Police After 12.

Ways to Become a DSP After 12th in India

First, I would like to make it clear that there is no way to become a DSP after passing 12th grade. The DSP is an IPS position and in order to appear in an election, a candidate must have graduated from any broadcasting at any recognized University, College or Institution etc. To become a DSP, There are two ways to become a DSP. A person may appear in any of these tests:

  • Civil Service Examination
  • State Civil Service Commission¬†

Both are run by the Union Public Service Commission. Selection through the Civil Service Examination or the State Civil Service Commission is made in the following categories:

  • Initial Test
  • Main Test
  • Conversation

Department of Medical and Physical Police etc.

There is no direct way to become a DSP, after deleting the Public Service Assessment, a person will join the service as an ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) on a service basis and on a part-time basis, a person will join the service.

promoted to DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police). There are certain conditions that are required to qualify for a CSE (Civil Service Examination). Here are the full details of the Qualifications, Age Limitations and Rest of the Candidate Categories.

CSE Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must have a degree in any broadcast from any recognized Government institution, university or college etc.
  • Grade 12 learner marks must be at least 55%.
  • Candidates must be at least 21 years old to apply for this and must not be more than 30 years old from the general category candidates.
  • By Civil Service Examination. One can join IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service) and IFS (Indian Foreign Service) and other branches. To join the Police Department, there are certain physical and medical needs as well.

The Physical Requirements for Police Dpt.

  • Height: Minimum 168cms for males and 155cms for females
  • Weight: Depending on the length and age of the candidate
  • Chest: A minimum of 84cms and a chest extension of 5cms
  • Eye Vision: 6/6 or 6/9 for better vision at a distance

Physical Performance Test:

After the Written Examination and Interview, the Person will appear again at the Fitness Test or Fitness Test etc. Here are the tasks or tests that a person should perform:

  • 100 meters run in 15sec
  • 800mtrs running 170 seconds
  • Shot put (7.2kgs) 5.60mtrs
  • Long Jump 3.80mtrs
  • High Jump 1.20mtr etc.

Main Exams for DSP Selection

There are seven papers in total for the Civil Service Mains Examination. One will need to try all the questions on paper without choice. Someone will need to prepare:

  • Main History
  • Medical Science
  • Geography
  • Philosophy
  • Electrical Engineering
  • The law
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Geology

This is a syllabus and pattern for Civil Service testing. I hope you find the answer to How to Become a Deputy Superintendent of Police after 12 days. There is no other way to join the Police Department as a DSP other than the Civil Service

Examination. It will be very helpful for you if you start preparing for your Civil Service Exam test after 12 days. You will have more time to prepare for each lesson. Now let’s look at the details of the Salary, Total Payment and DSP Benefits for services.

Exam preparation for DSP Selection

The best way to start preparing for your Public Service Commission exam is to understand the complete syllabus, which helps you plan and study focused.

When you start preparing for general lessons it is important to focus on current issues with national and international significance, Current issues should be in line with the Mains paper syllabus.

Study hours are student-to-student and there are no defined study hours.
Reading of the newspaper should be given great importance and should reach deep
Information on all ongoing Government policy, climate change etc.

Duties and Responsibilities of DSP

It is difficult to specify the function of the DSP but there are a number of functions that the DSP has to perform. Here are the following DSP tasks in the service.

  • Work-related work and work
  • Prevent crime and maintain security and peace
  • Crime detection
  • Law enforcement and order
  • Enforcement of major, minor, social, and special laws
  • A collection of ingenuity
  • Police record keeping
  • Assistance from other police departments
  • Various responsibilities and duties etc.

Salary of DSP in India

The salary of a police department depends on many factors. Depending on the Workplace, the Hour of Work and the years of experience a person has etc. They are well paid, when sent to any dangerous place.

The salary of the Deputy Superintendent of Police ranges from 15,600 / – to 39,000 / – and the grade earns 5400 / -.

Benefits of Joining DSP

There are many benefits to having a post-salary work. Here is a list of benefits that one can get for oneself and family members etc.

  • A charity grant
  • Medical Benefits
  • Leave Location Encashment
  • Detachment Allowance
  • Approval, Quantum & Commutation Allowance
  • City Compensatory Grant
  • High Heights
  • Additional retirement benefits
  • Annual benefits of survivors

HRA, TA, DA and Quarter in the case of Police Constable or Junior Inspectors etc.
This is all about it and we hope you get the details on how to become a DSP after 12th.

You have graduated from your 12th class, are pursuing a degree in your favorite subjects, and are preparing for your social work exam.

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Procedure for selecting DSP

Anyone wishing to become a DSP must undergo a Group 1 Exam examination by the State Public Service Commission. Divided by:

  • First Written Test
  • Physical examination
  • Conversation

The first written test was performed in three phases

  • Previous
  • Main
  • Conversation

The Prelims Examination covers all important subjects such as English, General Studies, Economy, History, Current affairs and many more. Let’s go through one by one.
Prelims are divided into two sections one General Studies and mental ability.

General Studies

  • International events and relationships
  • Environmental Problems
  • Disaster management
  • Indian History and Heritage
  • Economic and social development
  • Indian politics and constitution
  • Governance and policies
  • General science and India’s success in the latest technology
  • Current news in the region, International
  • Culture, Community, Arts, Language

Mental Ability

  • Consultation
  • Analyzing skills
  • Translation skills
  • Analytical skills

The first page will have 150 questions and 1 mark for each question,

The time allotted for completion will be 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Once the candidate has completed the Prelims test he or she must go to the Mains Examination. Let’s look at the Syllabus of Mains Paper.

The main paper consists of six pages

  • General Essay
  • Constitution and Governance
  • Standard English
  • History, Geography, and Culture
  • Indian Organization, Governance, and Constitution
  • Economy and development
  • Science and technology

Therefore, Mains will have 6 pages and the final paper will vary from one state to another

Marks Assigned to Test

  • Main tests have a total of 900 marks
  • All 6 papers will be awarded a total of 150 marks and a test duration of 3 hours.

The eligible Mainist will attend the 100-mark interview.

A person eligible for the exam has the opportunity to choose other vacancies, as well as the DSP depending on the vacancy such as:

  • Commercial Tax Officer
  • District Officer Panchayat
  • Audit Assistant
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • National regional officer
  • Regional Employment Officer
  • Assistant to the Labor Commissioner

This is one of the postings people can choose when they qualify for this test as eligible.

References Books

  • Indian Politics – Laxamikanth
  • A Brief History of Modern India – Spectrum’s
  • Yogana Magazine Current News
  • Group 1 Past Papers – MC Reddy Publications
  • The atlas is also important

Related Questions – How to Become DSP ?

How to become a DSP at Delhi Police?

The person will have to appear at the State Civil Service Commission Examination to be selected as the DSP by the Delhi police.

What is the salary of a DSP for Delhi police?

The average salary of a DSP at Delhi Police is between 78,000 / – per month to 96,000 / – per month. Salary depends on many factors such as Duty Timing, Workplace etc.

What is the power of DSP in India?

  • Crime Prevention.
  • Criminal Investigation.
  • Law enforcement and order.
  • Application of Special and Local Laws etc.

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