How to Get Rid of Double Chin Causes | Treatments | Exercises

By | January 18, 2022

How to Get Rid of Double Chin Causes | Treatments | Exercises

What is Double Chin?

Scientifically, the double chin is actually called submental fat. The subterranean space is the region between the face and neck – just below the chin and above the neck. The extra fat in that region is what we call the double chin.

Many people believe that a double chin is the cause of obesity or overweight. While this may be true of some, some obese individuals may have a double chin. It could be a genetic predisposition or even a rash on the skin due to aging.

What Causes Double Chin?

Before treating a disease, one should know the causes. Although it is not a disease, it is as important as knowing the causes of your double chin. We are all born with one thing and how we double it is a practical question that needs to be resolved.

1. Family Treasures

It is not wealth but pressure for many. Double wrapping between your jaw and neck may be a tendency inherited from your parents or grandparents.

Tissues, over time weaken and the supporting muscles of the neck, alone in growth, exacerbate the stretch of your skin, leaving your standing in the trash. The inherited genetic pattern adds fuel to the fire and burns the condition worse.

2. Poor Food, Rich Chin ‍

Poor diet and weight gain is another far-reaching reason for your double chin. Only your chin is doubled, not your muscles or your complexion. An unhealthy lifestyle and malnutrition deplete your body; this swallows the muscles in your chin.

When you lose the foundation, the chin begins to weaken and the whole structure shrinks. That’s your skin around it, dropping the jaws and the fat under it doubled.

So junk food is sure to have indirect contact with your unhealthy muscles and double chin. Continuing with double chin exercise and proper nutrition can find a solution to your problem.

3. ‍Annoying Thyroid

The thyroid gland always hurts you, they are black hands after a number of your health problems. The thyroid begins to malfunction the skin and affects the muscles by tightening and supporting your muscles.

Sometimes the thyroid gland gets worse than a naughty child, it works badly and malfunctioning your glands causes a double chin.

4. Sinus Reason for Your Swearing

You may not be the only one to blame for your health problems like double chin. If you have a clinching sinus infection it causes your lymph nodes to become swollen, swollen and swollen necks.

The causes may be natural or due to a few chronic problems or diseases, but how to get rid of a double chin is a never-ending question to be answered. To reduce stress, here are 10 effective test kicks to loosen the chain from its grip.

Double Chins Cosmetic Treatment

1. Liposculpture

No, this is not liposuction, in which case the fat cells are “released” without the desired effect. Liposculpture is a more accurate procedure. Removing fat and possibly removing it, liposculpture reshapes the chin to make it look more desirable.

This procedure is performed especially for those who were overweight and underweight for surgery, and those who have a genetic predisposition to double chin. This procedure is not recommended for people with loose skin due to aging.

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2. Submentoplasty

If you will remember, the area where the double chin resides is called the submental space. The word “-plasty” means “forming or performing surgery.” Combine the two with two and get “surgical molding or space formation where the double chin resides.” In submentoplasty, the surgeon will make small holes in the oily areas and apply liposuction to remove the fat, thus strengthening the skin and muscles.

3. Mesotherapy (Kybella)

Kybella has become a popular way to remove double chin. A mesotherapy is a procedure in which a medicine that contains fat-soluble substances is injected into the chin / neck area. Deoxycholic acid, also known as Kybella, is a drug used in this process and injected at least 20 times during a single treatment.

Generally, a person can have up to 6 treatments, one month in between. The effects of Kybella can be seen in about 4 to 6 weeks. What makes it a popular choice is the simple fact that when deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells, they can no longer store new cells in that area. Once you have completed the treatment, you are set for life.

Double Chin Non-Surgical Treatment

You may find that you need to pursue a more involved approach to getting your double chin off. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that freezes most of your fat so that your body can digest and thus eliminate fat.

This cold of fat cells (called cryolipolysis ”) causes a gradual change in the treatment over time and the effects become apparent at 1-3 months after treatment.

Another invasive procedure is mesotherapy, which also works to get your body to metabolize fat cells. With a series of injections that dissolve fat cells, the treated area may notice skin tightening as the fat decreases.

1. Laser

Although sometimes referred to as “laser surgery”, laser treatment is actually a non-surgical procedure that uses a targeted laser to dissolve fatty tissue beneath the skin. The benefits of laser treatment include a shorter duration of the procedure, which requires only a local anesthetic during the procedure, as well as a quicker treatment time.

2. Liposuction

If you want immediate results and do not mind simple surgery, liposuction may be the best option for removing your double chin. Liposuction removes fat from the bottom of your chin with a straight hour-long procedure that can only require local anesthesia.

You will experience bruises and swelling as a result of the procedure, but with just one operation, your body will heal faster, and you will be left with a newly transformed jaw.

Consult an experienced dermatologist at Vanguard Dermatology for the best plan for removing your double chin. Vanguard Dermatology in a large area of ​​New York City offers a few procedures described here as well as a lifestyle change guide that can give your face their best shape.

Other Treatment of Double Chin

1. Strengthening Creams

Many people use moisturizing creams as part of their morning routine. These medicinal creams can give the appearance of firm skin. Unfortunately, these creams are temporary and can last only a few hours.

Therefore, they need many applications throughout the day. Be careful though. Too many creams can lead to thinning skin or over time have little effect.

2. Chin Exercises

For those with a double chin due to weight, you may be able to do several exercises several times a day to reduce fat. See this article to learn about exercise that can work for you.

3. Healthy Eating and Exercise

Whether you direct the chin twice directly or not, it will not matter if you do not begin to take care of your whole body. Reducing your diet and introducing exercise into your daily routine can help with weight loss.

You may even see a double chin begin to disappear on its own. Whichever route you decide to take, our experts at The Dermatology Group can help you get rid of your double chin. If you are in Cincinnati or surrounding areas, call us today!

6 Exercise to How to Get Rid of Double Chin

1.‍ Slay it by pouting

The pout position is now your favorite position you have taken. Now turn to your healthy workout to get rid of your double chin. It’s easy, you just have to add

  • perfection by following these steps
  • Raise your lips, keeping your head straight.
  • Hold it for at least 3 seconds
  • Tilt your head against your chin
  • Keep your lower lip out
  • Repeat 10 times
  • This killing activity strengthens the jaw muscles and tears your neck and jaw.

2. Whistled in the sky

This may sound crazy, but it works dimly. All you have to do is turn your head upside down and whistle on the ceiling or in the sky. Whistling postures strengthen your closed lips, add fun to your work by playing your favorite song or music. This fun and easy exercise strengthens the muscles of your chin and reduces the growth of double chin. Read it at least 10 times a day for best results

3. Chew it like a professional!

Chewing gums is always a recommended recommended facial activity to tear your facial muscles. Not only for facial muscles, these are the best way to reduce your double chin. It may sound simple, but the constant chewing may cause pain in your cheeks.

But to get rid of those unwanted pounds on your chin, a little pain and hard work is not much to ask for. An added benefit of this activity is that chewing gum reduces your appetite for junk food or overeating, thus saving your health. This reduces weight gain and reduces the growth of your double chin

4. X-O out loud

A simple cool breeze creates a happy aura, if done well with your crazy team. You just have to say the X-O exit repeatedly. As you do so, make sure that the jaw, cheek, and neck muscles are firmly in place. Because only this strong movement can burn big fat. You have to repeat at least 12 times like three sets to get the best result

5. Stretch your neck to the sides

Stretching your neck to the sides is a healthy yoga practice to reduce your double chin. Make it happen in 3 easy steps.

  • Stretch your neck to the right. (Know your limitations and avoid neck pain very easily. Not just how flexible you are but how well you do)
  • Now stretch it out to your left. Repeat on the sides at least 10 times a day.
  • Make sure you do well to avoid cramps. This may take a few months to show results, so keep rehearsing it.

6. The naughty child too

Remember to tease others or your friends when you are a child, stretch your tongue and make that annoying crazy sound. Revive your memory and go back to being a naughty kid like you used to be. The reward each one of us wishes for, at least refreshes your memories of this healthy activity. You have to forget about the noise.

  • Examine your tongue as much as possible
  • Now switch from one side to the other
  • Feel the contraction of your neck muscles. Repeat continuously for 12 or 15 seconds, pause, and repeat. These exercises rejuvenate your jaws and
  • strengthen your loose muscles.

Some practical tips are:

  • Ensure proper and healthy eating and nutrition.
  • Make exercises a habit and stick to it
  • Keep track of your weight and if necessary limit your calorie intake.

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