How to Join Indian Army 2022 | Documents | Eligibility | Age

By | January 13, 2022

How to Join Indian Army 2022 | Documents | Eligibility | Age

The Indian army is the backbone of the nation and is also known as the nation’s way of life. The Indian army provides several opportunities for those who wish to join the army. Student entries for almost all age groups and qualifications, ranging from 10 + 2 to graduation level. In 2019, there will be 20 opportunities or options, the Indian Army will offer the recruiting candidate as a major. These entries are subject to certain eligibility criteria for candidates. So, here is a summary of all 20 entries and basic information about them.

After the COVID19 epidemic, many security tests and SSB interviews were affected, there were delays in test notification, SSB negotiations and joining cadets at school. Slowly and vigorously we are back on track and here we will talk about the benefits you can join the Indian Army this year.

Below is a defense entry that you can see in 2021. If you are an Indian who wants to defend and want to join the Indian army as an officer in 2021, here are the implications for a future officer to look at.

The Indian military acquires a potential officer through interventions such as the NDA, CDS, TGC, SSC, NCC, TES, ACC and more. In this article, you will find more details about this indication of the Indian military tests and how one can prepare for these defense tests.

Armed forces express the goals of service, self-sacrifice, patriotism and integrated national culture. Conscription is voluntary and open to all citizens of India regardless of race, class, religion or community, provided that the physical, medical and educational requirements are met.

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Educational requirements for Join Indian Army

Once you know how to hire your next step should be to prepare all your documents. You will not want to leave this rental because you did not edit your documents.

Therefore, prepare with all your documents in at least 1 or 2 months. The following are the required documents on the date of hiring.

  • 10th grade pass certificate.
  • 10th and 12th grade marking paper.
  • Application, caste certificate from state.
  • Character certificate with a photo signed by the district Sarpanch.
  • Character certificate issued by the principal.
  • Additional documents such as NCC certificate, affiliation certificate and outstanding player certificate must be certified by the relevant authority.
  • You must have all the relevant documents in the original and a copy of each document, certified by the office bearer in the Gazette.

Physical Requirement for Join Indian Army

(a) Height and Weight. Minimum acceptable length and weight of
157.5 cms males are related weight and for women candidate i
152 cm and 42 kg. In the event of an election from the North East as well
loose 5 cms and weight equal to reduced length. If it happens
of candidates from

See the process of How to Join Indian Army 2022

1. Check Recruitment

First of all, everyone who is going to run for office preparing Indian soldiers and who wants to join the Indian army must have each recruitment update. When will the new recruitment of Indian soldiers come? This registration will inform you of the new appointment.

Leases will be issued according to the Zone wise in each area and districts separately. So check out the Zone wise or state wise hire at the link provided above.

2. Registration

Now Join the Indian Army with changes to its old law. Anyone who wants to join the Indian army must first register. They can also apply for an Indian army by visiting the official Indian Army website,

To enlist in the Indian army, candidates need an Aadhar card. Class 10th Pass Certificate no. Valid email id and mobile number. Most importantly, each item must be right for these items.

3. Apply online

There you will register on the Indian military website. You can then check the appointment by simply signing in. You will only be able to join the Indian army after applying online and within the allotted time.

4. Download Consent Card

After applying online you need to download the consent card to open the bar rally. You can download the acknowledgment card using your registration number. or by your mobile number. or date of birth.

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5. Physical Eligibility Test

On the day of the Bharti meeting, the first test will be the hight bar, and you can check the suitability of the Indian army length here. Then the second is the Race, the 1.6km should be made in. 5:45 min. But this depends on the candidate working on that set. groups 3 to 4 will be taken from each set. and the number of candidates in each set can be 150 to 300.

This action shows that this is one of the most difficult phase of Indian military recruitment online for the Army, Secretary / SKT, Military Specialist and Tradesman.

6. Medical Test

After qualifying for a physical fitness test, you will undergo a medical examination.

This will be followed by chest measurements, push-ups and chin ups. After qualifying for these rounds, the candidate should perform a medical examination, hand examination, fingernails, teeth, feet, eyes, and other body parts.

7. Written Exam

The written test will be held between 1 and 3 months. A written examination consent card will be issued after the appropriate medical examination. What kind of question will come to the written test? Check out the list provided below. The Indian military testing pattern and Indian military testing syllabus are now available in this article.

During the month of the written test, the result will be announced by Join the Indian army. So you can check out the effect of Indian army gd, clerk, professional soldier, and SKT / CLERK.

Once you have qualified for medical examinations and written examinations you will only have to wait for a list of skills. Final list of qualifications beyond joining Indian army. If your name is mentioned in the list of candidates, it means you have been selected by the Indian military. And soon you will receive a letter to join.

Some Basic Guide Tips

Understand the basics of entry

To join the Indian army there are many entry points available, find the one that suits you best and apply. Below are the entry points with the minimum required education and age limit.

Entry points are most common through exams or appointments made by commissions such as:

  • National Defense Academy (NDA)
  • Indian Military Academy- Non-Tech
  • 10 + 2 technology
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG) – Men and Women
  • Installation of NCC Special Scheme – Men and Women
  • TGC – Education
  • UES
  • AEC
  • Short Service Commission – Tech and Non-tech

Pay attention to your general health

All recruits will be tested in two phases. Academically and physically.

Your physical health will be tested several times before you go for their first interview. So make sure you are well prepared for their physical examination, including running, walking, pulling, balance, etc.

Observe the general needs of the Indian army

There is a general guideline for all candidates to do it in any category of Indian military. The important ones are:

  • The candidate must be physically fit, which means he or she must be free from disease, mental illness and disability.
  • The candidate must not be weak, overweight or underweight and must have a healthy BMI.
  • The average height for men is 157.5cms and for women it will be 152cms. However there is some relaxation for the Gorkha, as well as the natives of Northeast India with a minimum of 5cms. For Lakshadweep candidates this permit is 2cms.
  • Chest, joints, and orthopedic health are essential for all candidates.
  • Candidate should not have a previous history of mental disorders or disability.
  • The feeling of hearing should be normal, i.e. the candidate must be able to hold the 610 cms of forced gossip inside a quiet room.
  • Normal blood pressure is important for a healthy heart with no previous heart history
  • Hydroceles, Piles or varicocele should not be present
  • Urine tests may be performed and unqualified people may face rejection
  • The chosen person should be able to read 6/6 on a remote chart without any glass. Myopia or hypermetropia should not be removed from 5D, for women myopia should be limited to 5.5 D

Beware of tests

There are several tests held throughout the year. You will eventually be posted about updates through relevant websites, social media pages or through newspapers. Below are 5 key tests that recruit soldiers after graduation:

  • Integrated Defense Service Test: The age limit is set from 19-24, where you need a degree from a recognized UGC institute. There is a written trial held twice a year in the February-March slot and the September-October slot.
  • Technology entry: This is especially true for BE / Btech executives from any of the recognized universities. Both PC and SSC need to be recruited and a 20-27 year limit for the former and 19-25 for the latter (female). Notice is sent twice a year when PC conducts rental in April and October; SSC June-July.
  • NCC -Special Tests: There are no compulsory written exams here, If you have a 50% law degree and 2 years of service in the NCC with a B or C level then you are eligible. 19-25 years old. The notice usually comes in October and April, twice.
  • University Admission Program: BTech degree holders in the final or semi-final years will apply for this. Entry is limited to males and has two interviews conducted at designated institutions. The notice comes in May every year.
  • Attorney-General’s Entry: This is for 55% law graduates who are registered with the bar bar of India or each country. This is true for both men and women who are 21- 27 years old. Notice is made every June / July.

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