How to Join NIA Officer 2022: Eligibility | Salary | Scope

By | January 15, 2022

How to Join NIA Officer 2022: Eligibility | Salary | Scope

There are many unknown agencies in India that work around the clock to protect the nation from internal and external dangers. The National Investigation Agency is also one of them. The National Investigation Agency is set up to investigate and regulate terrorist activities in the country. If you are here to be able to join NIA.

National National Investigation Agency Role

Their main goal is to fight terrorism within the country. They have some special powers given to them by a great government. NIA officials report directly to the Minister of Home Affairs.

Under their special powers, they can investigate any situation without the permission of the national government. They are allowed to search anywhere in the country without the interference of the police or other armed personnel.

This facility was established to maintain internal security or internal threats.

As a recent amendment to the NIA Act. Now National Investigation Officers are allowed to work abroad again. They will have the same power as the police to take action. After the completion of any investigation, it is presented to the NIA court. Yes, NIA has its own Court of Justice.

It is one of the most successful institutions in the country. The NIA prepares an annual list of the most wanted people or gang in the country and completes them one by one.

Headquarters of the National Investigation Agency

The headquarters of the National Investigation Agency is in New Delhi. But many branches are now scattered throughout India.

  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Mumbai
  • Guwahati
  • Kochi
  • Hyderabad
  • Jammu again
  • Raipur

These are branches of the National Investigation Agency. It is easy for them to work all over India.

Ways of How to Join NIA Officer 2022

There is only one direct way to join the National Investigation Agency. Here we share with you the full details about the Selection Procedure, Age Limit, and its full eligibility requirements that you have to apply to join. Let’s start with the selection process and later we will see the Qualifications Term and other details etc.

Selection Process of How to Join NIA Officer 2022

First of all, there is no specific way to become an official in the ministry. A person can apply for an SI (Sub Inspector) referral service. There are no alternatives.

SI (Subject Inspector) posts in the service. One will need to cancel the SSC-CGL Examination once a year. Selection is made on the basis of testing. This is actually a Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGL) conducted by the SSC (Staff Selection Commission).

There are four sections in total on the SSC CGL Exam divided into four sections. One will need to clear all these categories to get the selection. For more information on SSC CGL testing, see the official website. Now let’s look at the required Qualifications Requirements for you to apply for this.

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Qualifications for Joining NIA

There is also age-appropriate rest for OBC candidates (Alternative Background), Organized Caste, or organized nations.

Specific Ways to Become an NIA Officer

An official in the National Investigating Agency is highly selected by the Indian Revenue Service (IRS), IPS (Indian Police Service), etc.

The only direct way to join NIA is through the SSC CGL test. The test is tough and the competition is too much. You will need to prepare very well to complete the test.

If you are willing to join the service. You will need to be physically and medically healthy.

Physical Eligibility for Joining NIA Officer

This task is physically difficult when sent to the field service. There are other physical needs as well in the ministry.

  • The eye should be 6/6 with or without mirrors.
  • Height should be 170cm or more for males and 157cm or more for females.
  • Chest extension should be at least 5cm. No breast augmentation is required for female candidates.
  • Make sure your body does not carry a dangerous disease.

NIA officers are very good at their work. There are also many benefits, benefits, and additional benefits provided to employees. Let us take a look at the income and benefits that a person receives from his ministry.

Salaries and Benefits of NIA Officer

There are four categories on the basis that the government pays salaries to its employees. Employees of the National Intelligence Agency fall into the category of Group A.

They earn about 47,000 / – to 85,000 / – per month depending on the job and the place they are sent to etc. After salary, They receive benefits such as:

  • Long life pension
  • Travel Benefits
  • Grants of Love
  • Average
  • Free stay in the public sector.

There are many other grants but these are some of the most popular and popular ones given to almost all employees of the National Investigation Agency.

The work in the National Research Agency is very challenging and full of sacrifices. If you are interested in this, Find out about the reason for the SSC CGL Test which is the only way to get into the service. Once you have joined the service as SI (Sub-Inspector). You may appear in an internal trial for further promotions in this service. Here are the details about the Promotion in the Service.

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NIA Promotion Terms

In almost every government organization. The promotion is based on experience or through internal or departmental testing. A person may appear in a departmental examination to obtain a promotion. However, there is a certain requirement for eligibility to appear in departmental examinations.

Every year, the rules and regulations of the promotional process change. You should check the official notice for specific details. All of this was about the National Investigation Agency. I hope you have found the answer to How to Join the NIA.

What are the key differences between NIA and CBI?

  • The NIA is a national center of inquiry and the CBI is a Central Bureau of Investigation
  • While both the NIA and the CBI are centralized entities that fall under the Department of Home Affairs, their investigations vary. The CBI is a crime investigation center, on the other hand, the NIA is a center designed to track and combat terrorism.
  • The CBI is older than the NIA, the CBI as we know it today was transformed and took on a name in 1946. NIA, on the other hand, is a new organization formed after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.
  • NIA is a center investigating drugs, hijacking, fraud, organized crime, human trafficking, Atomic power, WMD violation, etc. On the other hand, the CBI investigates violations of export laws, bank fraud, smuggling, kidnapping, financial fraud, corruption, bribery, import violations, etc.

CGL SSC test Details

SSG CGL SI recruiting SI at NIA has 4 different phases. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tie4 4 tests. All tests performed by SSC’s CGL are designed to test various parameters.

Tier one tests include subjects such as maths, English, General Science and general knowledge, and thinking. The total mark for this test is 200, there will be a total of 100 questions, with 2 marks each. 25 questions will be asked on 4 different topics. The total time to complete the Phase 1 exam is 1 hour.

Once you have passed the Tier 1 exam, you can attend the Tier 2 exam, the Tier 2 exam has two papers, Mathematics and English. Each paper has a maximum duration of 2 hours.

After passing the Tier 2 test, a candidate for baptism should go to the Tier 3 exam. The Tier 3 test includes a letter writing test. After the Tier 3 test comes the Tier 4 test, which is a computer opportunity test that can test your computer information.

Once you have passed the Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 SSC’s CGL exams, the candidate must pass two more levels. A medical examination and personal interview must be attended.

Only if you pass this medical examination, can you go through a personal interview and get a NIA job. There is a reason why the SSC CGL test is followed by a medical or physical examination, and then a personal interview.

A physical examination was performed to determine the physical endurance of the candidate, and a personal interview was conducted to determine the mental and emotional well-being of the candidate.

Physical stability or candidate endurance is assessed in a variety of ways, it may include walking, running, and cycling a fixed distance within a given time frame.

Scores are based on performance and on the basis of written test scores, candidates are screened, shortlisted candidates must attend a personal interview by a team of expert members, and the panel will determine who will be recruited.

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Related Questions about How to Join NIA Officer 2022

What are the NIA Employment Rules?

There is only one employment in this service which is CGL (Integrated Graduation Level) conducted by SSC (Employee Selection Commission). The person will need to be physically and physically fit to join the service. There are four stages of testing, which one must delete in order to be part of the service.

Experiments to join NIA :As I said above in the Selection Paragraph. To join the Service. One will need to cancel the CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Examination conducted by the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) once a year. There are four complete sections in the tests and they are named as the Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three, and Phase Four exams, etc.

NIA Staff Activity Profile :The work at the National Investigating Agency is full of amazing things. There is no set time for work. If a person works in any special cases. They may have to work day and night to complete the trial.

One can only survive in this field if one is obsessed with it. If you want to get a clear idea of ​​the life of NIA officials. There are many Bollywood films made and based on real events. You should watch those movies to get your own view of NIA. In the movies, Everything shown is not true. So, you can totally believe that. It can just give you a look at everything etc.

How do you join NIA after 12?

Minor qualifications to join a ministry is graduation. The candidate must have graduated from any discipline at any recognized Institution or University.

How to join NIA As an Officer?

There is no direct police recruitment in the national investigation unit. Police are highly selected by the Indian Revenue Service and the Indian Police Service etc. To be a boss in the workplace. One will need to cancel the Civil Service Exam.

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