Swasthya Sathi scheme 2022 : online Registration Eligibility Criteria

By | January 11, 2022

Swasthya Sathi scheme 2022 : online Registration Eligibility Criteria

West Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee unveiled a new health plan. Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2022. Application forms have already been invited by the government as well. Prior to this, CM launched a Duare people campaign i.e. Swasthya Sathi Scheme. In order for the government to understand the need for ordinary society. Subsequently various programs were released by the West Bengal regional government.

Swasthya Sathi scheme 2022 Kya hai ?

Many people were influenced by the Duare Campaign. And in addition, the national government introduced the program. It also provided health benefits to the needy WB citizen. As a result, many people want to register online. With online methods, applicants can easily apply under the program. Then you can easily get the benefits. Swasthya Sathi card online is active.

In this post, we will also provide you with information about eligibility criteria. And the whole process of its registration. The government’s goal is to reach more people. Rate done again. At about 7.5 Crore, people will also be able to take advantage. As this is the health support provided by the government. So, hopefully, the number of beneficiaries can increase.

Benefits of Swasthya Sathi Cashless Health Scheme 2022

It is said that at least 7.5 crore people will register under the Cashless Health Scheme of West Bengal State. As announced by the Prime Minister of the country, each family in the Western Province of Bengal will be treated under the Swasthya Sathi program.

The Prime Minister also said that the Prime Minister only gives Ayushman Bharat Yojana 60% but this Swasthya Sathi Cashless Health Scheme will be covered 100% by the National Government.

The biggest benefit that will be provided by this program is the smart card. A smart card will be issued to each family estate that will apply to all public and private hospitals in West Bengal.

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Registration of Swasthya Sathi online 2022

In other words, the WB government has provided Rs 5 lakh funding to the health department. You can also get this Swasthya Sathi 2022 card.

Last year, in December, the WB government launched a campaign for its people. Named as the Daure Sarkar campaign. You can also be called Government at your doorstep. In addition to this program, the government has provided 11 additional programs. These programs will help in human development. And with the full development of the West Bengal region.

স্বাস্থ্য সাথী অনলাইনে আবেদন

In practice, this campaign has been very successful. And getting to know WB state people and news.  Therefore, people can get benefits under this program through this campaign.

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Registration of WB Health Scheme 2022

Features of Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2022:

  • Initially, the basic health cover provided under the program has a value of 5 Lakh Rs. And it will be given to every eligible family.
  • Also, the amount provided on Health cover will be released annually.
  • Based on Smart card Facility. Therefore, Cashless & paperless processes will be performed.
  • As a result, the program covers all available diseases.
  • Benefits will not vary according to family size.
  • Insurance coverage is provided to beneficiaries. The amount of benefit
  • allocated under the insurance scheme is Rs 1.5 Lakh.
  • Insurance is provided by insurance partners and government programs.
  • The insurance partners will be National Insurance Companies. These include six, eight, and nine circuits respectively in separate clusters.
  • The program also includes parents’ heirs to both spouses.
  • By paying a fee, the national government is committed.
  • According to the plan, the beneficiary will not need to pay any premium.

Swasthya Sathi Service List

  • Hospital Management
  • Also, hospital grading (That is based on infrastructure and services)
  • Moneyless Process
  • E-Health Records (Keeps data after patient discharge)
  • Interest Charging With Payment Delays.
  • Online Complaints
  • Call 24X7 support is also available
  • Real-Time Data
  • SMS notifications about card issues.
  • Minimum Concession Time is 30 days
  • Swasthya Sathi Android App for mobile help.

Swasthya Sathi scheme Eligibility Criteria Yojana 2022

  • Firstly, applicants must be permanent residents of the province of West Bengal.
  • Second, by applying under this program. He has not yet registered any other health-related program.
  • Applicants who fall under the BPL category are also eligible.
  • Also, the smart card released in this program belongs to the female family members.
  • Because if it happens, the department will find any error. Then you will not be able to get any benefits under the program.

Required Documents for Swasthya Sathi Scheme

  • Aadhar Card
  • Proof Voting Card, Rating Card, etc.
  • Proof of Permanent Perseverance
  • BPL certificate
  • Certificate of Registration from the Medical Organization.

Before you register yourself. Applicants need to create an official website login ID. so here we provide your details about the pre-registration process. Then you can check out the re-registration process.

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Login Swasthya Sathi Scheme

  • First, visit the Official Link provided here.
  • Now on the homepage. In the upper right corner, the access option is also provided above.
  • As a result, a new page opened on your screen.
  • And fill in the details of the new users. Then create a username and password.
  • Finally click the submit button.
  • And with the help of a username and password, you can easily access the official page.

Registration of Swasthya Sathi Prakalpa 2022

The procedure given above is login. Also, after logging in to the official page. After that, it will be much easier to register under Swasthya Sathi Card Registration 2022.

Procedure for Completing the New Swasthya Sathi Card Registration Form 2022:
we share the process step by step. Therefore, applicants can register themselves by simply following the steps provided here.

  • Before you start registering. Applicants should go to the Official Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2022 Official Link.
  • Then you need to click on Apply Online option provided in the main menu.
  • Now the drop-down list also appears below the Apply Online tab.
  • Then select the fourth option in the list. That is Form B Registration under the Swasthya Sathi Scheme.
  • Next, you need to fill in the required details. And the documents are attached to the form.
  • Finally, click the Submit button. To complete the registration.
  • Also, you get one registration number. Save it for reuse.
  • Swasthya Sathi Helpline – 18003455384

Swasthya Sathi Scheme A Letter of Thanksgiving

As you all know the West Bengal Duare campaign is being conducted throughout the region. Through this campaign people are also subscribing to various government programs.

The letter will be written by Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee. This letter will be a form of gratitude for the message to the beneficiaries of the Swasthya Sathi program. In the letter, the Prime Minister called the beneficiaries ‘Dear Friends’.

He also provided details about the Duare campaign which started on December 1, 2020.

He also told the letter that with the help of this campaign the West Bengal government would provide 12 program benefits to the people of West Bengal. As of 7 January 2021 approximately 1,88,99,552 people had visited 665 camps at Duare Sarkar.

Swasthya Sathi Scheme Level Issues

On December 27, 2020, a meeting was held between health officials and private hospitals. Representatives of private hospitals discussed treatment costs under the swasthya program.

They are of the opinion that the prices under the Swasthya Sathi scheme are too low. The association of the president of eastern India hospitals Roopak Barua told the media that the meeting was fruitful and good.

Government and private healthcare providers have discussed the importance of Health Insurance schemes.

  • The private hospital has raised some concerns. The first concern was about the quality of treatment under the Swasthya Sathi program.
  • Private hospitals have asked the government to review rates under the scheme as prices are very low. At the reimbursement meeting for the cost of treatment and the treatment phase, the patient was also discussed.
  • Private hospitals have also asked the government that no payments should be made for months.

Objective of WB Cashless Health Scheme 2022

The main purpose of launching the Swasthya Sathi Cashless Health Scheme is to help West Bengal residents roll out cashless treatments.

However, the program was previously initiated by the Prime Minister of the West Bengal province in 2016 and covered the entire area of ​​higher education and higher education up to 5 lakh rupees per year in the family of the country but now the program has been expanded to reach.

Includes all citizens of the West Bengal estate regardless of their economic or social status. The health card will be distributed among women in families from the next day of December 1, 2020.

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Swasthya Said Smart Card

The smart Swasthya Sathi card will be available to the highest female member of the family who is eligible for the program. With the Smart Card, people will be able to access health benefits from all private or public hospitals provided.

There are no specific eligibility criteria to be followed as the program has been extended to all West Bengal State families. The national government has spent an estimated 2000 rupees as an annual expense on this Health Scheme.

Smart cards will help people to continue with different treatments without giving even a single penny to the hospital authorities.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for the Cashless Health Scheme the applicant will need to follow the following eligibility criteria: –

  • The applicant must be a full citizen of the province of West Bengal
  • The smart card will give women a choice in the family
  • The applicant must not be registered under any other public health care system

Key Functions of Swasthya Sathi Scheme

Large Hospital Network

There are more than 1500 small hospitals under the program. Beneficiaries can choose from any hospital they like. Details of these hospitals are available to the public as day by day the number of hospitals grows automatically

Claim Payment

Claims under this program are resolved within 30 days. If not, interest will be paid according to the agreement.

Patient health records

Patient health records will be maintained and can be accessed by login

Monthly Review Report

Ongoing disclosure of monthly analytical support available from public domain


An online complaint monitoring system is available under this program. Participants can submit their complaints.


There is also a collaborative website set up by the department so that ordinary people can check their eligibility, registration details, etc. There is also how I can help you choose common viewer questions.

Hospital Gradation

Hospitals under this program are clearly organized on the basis of marks obtained from available facilities and services guaranteed by the Insurance Company and a third party director.

Complete hospitalization at Cashless

All costs incurred in the treatment of higher education will be reimbursed under this program

Transportation Grant

After discharge the patient for Rs 200 is paid to the patient as a transport allowance. If a patient is admitted to a provincial government hospital then an additional fee of more than Rs 200 is given

Free call center and communication forum

Behind the smart cards, a toll-free number is displayed. Beneficiaries can call this number in case they need any kind of assistance. Apart from that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are also available

Mobile application

The Swasthya Sathi mobile app is available in the Google Play Store. Beneficiaries can download this app and raise questions for information, complaint, etc.

SMS notification

The SMS center is also available to beneficiaries during hospitalization and post-discharge

Package prices

Prices for these packages vary. There is also a package selection committee that measures package prices as needed

Covering Existing Diseases

Under this program, all existing diseases and conditions are covered from day one

There is no limit to family size

Swasthya Sathi card is issued on behalf of an older woman who is a family member as the head of the family. There is also no cap on family size under this program. Apart from that both of their covered parents are repaired under this scheme

No Offer

Beneficiaries do not have to make any kind of donation to benefit from this program. All costs under this program will be borne by the West Bengal government

IT Platform

The whole system is based on a seamless cloud-based IT platform

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you look up a name on a Swasthya Sathi card online?

You can check your name on the Swasthya Sathi card list online by using the Swasthya Sathi Prakalpa website swasthyasathi.gov.in.

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